The castle hill

The Eilenburg Castle Hill may also be described as the cradle of Saxony. In 1089 with starting earl Heinrich to feoff, the birth of the Wettinian territorial state was born. The legendary Eilenburger counts (Heinzelmännchen story) were since the beginning of the 829 years responsilbe for the state, which is today's Free State Saxonia.

In the 10th century, the Ilburg was built here with the surviving sorbent tower. The Eilenburger Burgverein (transl. castle association) moved this approximately five-acre site again more in the public focus. After the sorbent tower (1997/98) and the castle gate (2001) meanwhile also the wall tower [small castle keep] (2003) and the castle walls (2007) were reconstruct. In 2007 was the reopening of the 100 steps of a staircase, which had been closed for six years, as well as the circular route and the end of the eight-year-long slope stabilization work celebrated.

More slope stabilization work were done in 2010 below the Marienkirchen cemetery and in 2011/2012 on the eastern slope. In 2013, the road to the Schlossberg was be expanded. The former old prison, was renovated in 2009 is now a cyclist's pension . The castle association have now renoved the old Torhouse.

The end of the large keep can be understood in words and pictures on a special page.