Cycling path along river Mulde

Embedded in an impressive landscape along the river and with a unique combination of nature, culture and history, the Mulderadweg on a distance of 180 km offers everything that makes a cyclist's heart beat faster."

Four panels in Eilenburg declare the city and the attractions.

One impressive landscapes is the Dübener Heide. Eilenburg as an entrance of this landscape show with pasture landscape and the riverbank more of the river.

Always near the Mulde, the Mulderadweg usually runs on quiet country roads, cycle paths and forest paths (more about the Mulderadweg at the United Mulde can be found at: This cycle route, probably one of the most beautiful in Germany, leads in a section from Wurzen to Bad Düben through Eilenburg. Here you have the opportunity along the bike course "Eilenburger Schleife" to explore the city and its attractions, to rest or to make station overnight.