Calender sheets

Curious without anticipating everything.
That's what the Eilenburg calendar sheets, which are installed over the front door of the city museum in the Hirschgasse since 2005, are supposed to. This airspace installation "River of Time" by the artist Michael Stapf complements the Stele Via Regia on the Kornmarkt, which is only a few meters away, as well as the sixteen sightseeing columns of the historic city tour. The 1000-year moving history of the city should be worn outwards, but also invite you to a walk inside the museum. For in this one is to learn what happened concretely at the days opened in the calendar in Eilenburg.

The July 29, 961 as the date of the first mention of "civitas ilburg".
The modern form of the calendar sheets conveys the continuity of the story.
You can see the weekday and the calendar week after the Julian calendar. There is no explanation of the date.