The Eilenburg ski jump

A ski jump and flatland - this fits together only in Eilenburg. Jumps of about 30 meters are possible on the hill, which was built in 1999 and now bears the name Josef Dotzauer. Its predecessor, built in 1958, had to be closed in 1994 for security reasons. For a few years only the two smaller hills were available. After years of fighting, the ski jumpers of SV Lok Eilenburg were able to open their newly built ski jump on 6 November 1999 in the presence of world champion Jens Weißflog. In addition to land, county, city and sponsors, the citizens also took part in the construction of the building blocks with 40,000 marks on the 250,000 mark expensive new building. The Landessportbund Sachsen awarded the ski department the status of a talent center.

More than 50 ski jumpers from Eilenburg went to the training center in Oberhof.