Historical City Tour (Camera Historica)

A look into Eilenburg's past is difficult, but not impossible. In April 1945, a city lost in rubble and ashes. In the middle Ages with Martin Luther a blessed lard. In the 19th century a important center of the Prussian textile industry.
Nevertheless, this old Eilenburg is not entirely lost. Since 2004, it is possible to look into the past with the peephole principle. This is made possible by sixteen so-called Camera Historica in the city. Not only do they provide a visual impression of how it used to look at the site, but there are also explanations.

If you bring a little more time, you can also "take along" over a dozen signposted stations along the way connecting the sixteen cameras. The camera tour leads from the bridge across the city center to the mountain. The signs also lead you to the castle hill. From this there is a view from the top of the city for free. The full program takes about two hours and was worked out by the History and Museums Association.


  1. Torgauer Straße 37 (Accomodation Napoleons)
  2. August-Fritzsche Straße 8 / Ecke Steinstraße (First Food&Bevarage Shop)
  3. Nordring 41 (Livinghouse of Dr. Anton Bernhardi)
  4. Am Anger 31 (Laaservilla)
  5. Am Anger 29 (Mayorhouses)
  6. Leipziger Straße 62 (Birthhouse of Dr. Hermann Hartmann)
  7. Leipziger Straße 20 (To the black eagle inn)
  8. Eckartstraße 6 (Birthhouse of Martin Rinckart)
  9. a und b: Wallstraße/Leipziger Brücke (Birthhouse of Gustav and Oskar Höcker)
    c: Wallstraße 2 (Birthhouse of Karl Neumann, in april 1945 destroyed)
  10. Am Anger 20 (House of the freemason fraternity)
  11. Bergstraße 82 (To the brown beer inn)
  12. Bergstraße 81 (Birthhouse of Karl August Möbius)
  13. a: Weinbergstraße / Ecke Friedrichshöhe (manor of the hill of Eilenburg, Livinghouse of Christian Ludwig Liscow)
    b: Weinbergstraße / Ecke Friedrichshöhe (manor of the hill of Eilenburg, Birthhouse of Karl Eduard von Bülow)
  14. Schlossberg 11 (Church St. Marien)
  15. Kellerstraße 10 (Entrance city basement)
  16. Schlossberg 13 (Birthhouse of Franz Abt)

Coordinates Camera Historica

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