The Luther trail in Eilenburg

With a green „L“ on white ground the Luther Trail signs are marked in Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen.

The Saxon Luther Trail, which leads through the "Motherland of the Reformation", connects cities and sites where the earliest events of the Reformation took place - including in Eilenburg.

In Eilenburg Martin Luther visited the magnificent castle several times, together with other great persons of the Reformation. Here lived at that time a population that was open very early to the Lutheran ideas and here, scandalously, on New Year's Day 1522 the Lord's Supper administered in both forms. The Eilenburg churches, in which Martin Luther preached, still exist today and belong to the Protestant parish Martin Rinckart.

Although the Luther Trail is a spiritual trail, it offers much more to pilgrims and hikers than just the opportunity for inner retreat and the enjoyment of beautiful landscapes. For example, in the museum you can see valuable originals of the Reformation period.

Also outside the theme of "Reformation" Eilenburg has a plenty to offer. If you want to leave the Luther Trail for a short while and make a short hike to our sights, then the "Eilenburger Schleife"(transl. Eilenburg Loop) is just the thing. This cycling circuit, passing by the most beautiful sites in Eilenburg and directly connected to the Luther Trail, is also easy to walk.

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