Planetary hiking trail

On foot through our solar system - that's not possible. But it is possible, and in Eilenburg. On a 2.8-kilometre route through the charming Mulden floodplain, you experience 1.5 million kilometres in the universe with every step on a scale of 1:2.1 billion. Don't you believe it? From June 2021, visitors south of Eilenburg can look forward to a completely redesigned planetary hiking trail with exciting information about space. Young and old space travellers will be accompanied by the popular town mascot Heinz Elmann.

Super-exciting will also be the possibility to experience a digital tour with a mobile device - and that in two different teaching levels. Children will hear information whispered into their ears by Elmann's wife and advanced planetary experts will hear it from Heinz Elmann.

Stay tuned to see what awaits you on the future planetary hiking trail in Eilenburg.