Eilenburg, the city of „Heinzelmännchen“

The approximately 16 000 inhabitants counting town on the edge of the Dübener Heide is only 25 kilometers from the metropolis of Leipzig away. The calm Muldetown with a green heart is easy to reach by train, bus, car or bike and always a visit worth. Whether you prefer hiking, cycling or simply like to visit historical places - there is something for everyone.
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The Eilenburger animal park attracts 70.000 visitors annually. He is a proven magnet of the Dübener Heide and a highlight for young and old.
For those who love swimming, we've got the gravelpit pond (FEZ with camping site) attracts in the summer, into which the city center fits already three times today. In all temperatures worth a visit to the swimming pool, where many promotions are offered throughout the year.
On a lowland ski jump, the ski jumping talents can make big jumps in the summer.
The sorbent tower on the castle hill tells a 1050-year old history, which also shown in the city museum.
The Mulde is allowed to make what she wants at Eilenburg, Europe-wide unique. The river thanks for it with a beautiful landscape, which invites for cycling and hiking.

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