City tour for explorers

Do you sometimes drove on bypass of the national highway 87? Maybe you set the turn signal and visit the city Eilenburg. It has always been connected to the Mulde and has six rural districts in addition to the three large districts of the city the middle, east and hill.
The south of Eilenburg located Bobritzer damm not only invites to a picnic, he makes the city center with the stream of the Mulde the Mühlgraben also to an island. On this island visitors will find the market with town hall and market fountain, the St. Nicholas Church, the city museum in the Roter Hirsch (transl. Red Deer) and the city park with the wild animal park.
The castle hill with the sorbent tower is of course located in the district Eilenburg-hill in the west of the city. Already with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the Brothers Grimm he made an impression and they made him the scene of a fabled story in which the Heinzelmännchen (transl. sort of elves) curse the Eilenburger earls.
But there is more mystery. Because the Eilenburger hill is riddled with hall-like cellars like a Swiss cheese. And a ski jump in the flatlands.
The east of the city scores especially in terms of local recreation. Because both the public swimming pool and the 50-acre lake invite you to swim. The water tower, which was refurbished in 2003, also has to do with the wet element, which at 60 meters in height is the city's highest landmark.