Hiking tourism

On a shoemaker's centime through the Mulde city of Eilenburg

Whether Via Regia, camino de Santiago or Luther-Trail, many paths lead to an through Eilenburg. Eilenburg is definitly worth for an excursion.
Not only the beautiful landscape oft he river mulde with the Bobritzer dam invites you to explore, also the nature reserve Dübnener Heide.
The saxony Luther Trail direct to the Mulde city. No wonder, there were some important events during the Reformation in „der gesegneten Schmalzgrube“ (transl. blessed lard) as Martin Luther Eilenburg called.
On the Planet Trail, through Eilenburg's green landscape, visitors can learn interesting things about the solar system. Along the Camera Historica stations you can see the historic Eilenburg on a city tour through the city center.
If you are interested in sights and historical sites in general, then the Eilenburger Schleife (transl. Eilenburg Loop“ is very attractive. As a cycle route it goes past the popular animal park, the observatory, to Saxony's only flatland ski jump, to the castle hill and down to the market square with town hall, city church St. Nikolai and the fountain. In the middle of the fontain stands the fabulous Heinzelmännchen.