Observatory "Yuri Gagarin" Eilenburg

The Eilenburger observatory Yuri Gagarin is the point of the astronomy friends since 1964. An amateur observatory, operated since 1931, was converted into the school observatory of the former district of Eilenburg in 1961. 1963/64 pulled this because of decreasing observation conditions on the hill in the southwest of the city. On October 21, 1965, a 40-seat planetarium was opened on the Mansberg. Here, until today, there are age-appropriate lectures for school classes and public family presentations. From October to March there are also regular evening events. It is now part of the district's own educational and cultural business.

All events of the observatory are in unserem Veranstaltungskalender.

More information about the facility can be found at www.sternwarte-nordsachsen.de.