Eilenburger Heinzelmännchen

For many hundreds of years, the Eilenburger Heinzelmännchen spook through our city. According to legend, they were said to have had a wedding on the "Ilburg in Saxony", they have been observed and have cursed the earl. According to another legend, the little people have given the earls a ring to protect their family as long as it is well saved. Today, both legends are shown united at the Eilenburger market fountaine. Everywhere in Eilenburg there are traces of the Heinzelmännchen. In the city park, for example, is a carved Heinzelmännchen sculpture and in the Eilenburg hill cellars is always reported by the "little people". On the castle hill, the place of origin of the legend, there is the pension HEINZELBERGE, in which one can spend the night and also a „Lauschberg“, wehere you can listen tot he ledgends. If you look closely, the little people can also discover other places in Eilenburg.

Already in 2013, Eilenburg was in the city offensive "Ab in die Mitte" the 2nd Prize for the Heinzelmännchen project. The Heinzelberge and the Lauschberg on the castle hill area as well as the Heinzel Prize, for outstanding achievements of committed and volunteer citizens, are a direct consequence of this project. Our city mascot Heinz Elmann® is already indispensable and in the future the Heinzelmännchen will leave more and more traces in Eilenburg and be recognized at one point or another.