The water tower

The water tower at the former chemical industry shapes the Eilenburger Silhouette in the east of the city. The 60 meter high tower was built in 1916 for the Zelluloidfabrik and today represents the most imposing technical monument of the city.

Thanks to generous support from the Free State and the Employment Office, the refurbishment could start for around two million euros in December 2002. Since the end of 2003, the water tower, whose refurbished depth tank is available as the extinguishing water reservoir for the industrial area by means of the latest pumping technology, shines in new splendor.

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In order to save the water necessary for humans, the most diverse types of collection containers have been developed over the decades. These include the water towers that were built until the beginning of the 20th century.

As a result, water towers have in the past, as part of water supply systems, supplemented the work of pumping stations.

In the present, the work of the water towers is increasingly being taken over by powerful pumps. The Eilenburg Water Tower will be used by spring 2003 for the supply of industrial water to the neighboring industrial site ECW. Then a pressure booster station takes over this task.

The Eilenburger water tower was built 1916 by the company Dyckerhoff and Widmann for the celluloid factory at that time. In the tower, which is exactly 60.5 meters high, there are four elevated tanks with capacities of 1000, 500, 65 and 20 cubic meters. They were dismantled as part of the refurbishment in December 2002. In addition, there is a so called deep tank for 500 cubic meters of water in the basement.

The water loads of the tower are supported by ten concrete pillars. The Eilenburg tower was built in the Intze form, which was named after the designer Intze. Since the Intze containers have a very complicated bottom shape. The water tower built in 1907 in Berlin-Spandau could be known, which also has this construction.

Thanks to generous and short-term support from the Free State and the employment office (awarding ABM), work began on the city's landmark in December 2002, which costed two million euros. In spring 2003, a pressure booster station was built with which the 1000 cubic meters of water stored in the rebuilt, depth tanks are always available as extinguishing water reservoirs for the industrial area. Two elevated tanks could be dismantled. From April 2003 the roof and facade were renovated. At the end of September, the four-meter, twelve-tonne roof lantern was lifted by crane in three parts. Since autumn 2003, the water tower has shown in a light grey.

The water tower was together with the smal keep a total order in the form of an ABM and funded by the Employment Agency with 1.2 million euros. Both towers were officially completed on February 24, 2004. The renovation costs for the water tower alone amounted to two million euros. There was also support from the federal government and the state from the project business development. The Stadtwerke Eilenburg are still responsible for the he 60-meter-high structure.

The Eilenburger water tower came in the competition of the Saxonian Ministry of State 2004 " Stadtmaßstab Mensch - Neues Leben für Industriedenkmale" as one of six entries in the shortlist. It was praised in particular that the lower container, which occupies 500 cubic meters, serves as an extinguishing water reservoir for the neighboring industrial and commercial area.

Saxon State Prize for Building Culture 2004

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    Presentation of Ingenieurbüro Röder for the renovation of the water tower, as printed in the brochure for the award ceremony of the Saxon State Prize for Building Culture 2004 you can find here.