Wall tower (small keep)

The city council decided on a special meeting on June 24, 2002, the rehabilitation of the southern, small keep for about 650.000 €. It was payed in addition to a small contribution from the city Eilenburg and on funding from the monument protection and the employment office and a donation of the castle association. In December 2002, the renovation began.

The story of the small keep

It is closely related to the entire castle complex. Probably at the beginning of the 13th century, the small keep was built in the south of the plateau for military reasons. He was then about 18 feet high and was completed by an upper platform with battlements. These are still visible. The keep was accessible via an entrance between the 1st and 2nd floor on the north side.
In the 16th century the keep received its octagonal tower head. He reached his current height of about 30 meters.

On the west side is the Baroque office building, which was probably built from the rubble of the castle after 1700. The office building is currently the only access to the keep on the ground floor, as well as on the 1st and 2nd floor. This is not going to be renovated in the future so the keep got its own access. For this purpose, the entrance from the first construction phase was reopened between the first and second floor. In addition to the extensive work on the masonry and roof of the tower received in 2003, the refurbishment also his steepletop.